Sale on Bruce and Moo NT Commentaries

Logos Bible Software just concluded their March Madness competition, and the winners this year are Doug Moo and FF Bruce.

For a limited time, you can buy Dr. Bruce’s works at 60% off retail price, and Dr. Moo’s at 70% off retail price. Some great deals especially on commentaries. If you are interested in building a digital library I would highly recommend:

· Hard Sayings of the Bible

· NICNT Acts

· NICNT Romans

· NICNT Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians

· Pillar NTC Colossians and Philemon

· NICNT Hebrews

· Pillar NTC James

· NIVAC 2 Peter and Jude

· Canon of Scripture

People often think Logos is too expensive to get started, but you can buy the Logos Starter library for less than $200 (even lower with Academic discount). Payment plans are also available to spread the cost over several months.

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